Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Want to Own an NFL Franchise?

A few years ago my daughter invited me to play Fantasy Football with her college friends. I scoffed at the thought...and did not sign up. But my wife did! Because she had a conflict on draft day, she asked me sit in and make the picks. Since the draft is web-based and I questioned my computer skills, I protested. But being a dutiful husband I complied...with my daughter's help.

From that first day I was hooked! And, my wife let me "assist" that first season. I was forced to get my own franchise the second year.

Unless you are a billionaire, this is the closest you will come to "owning" an NFL franchise.

The NFL season is right around the corner and there are many ways to play - ESPN Fantasy Football, Yahoo Fantasy Football, and NFL Fantasy. All are free but your league may voluntarily request "entry fees" to fund year-end prize money.

My league uses ESPN Fantasy Football and it is amazingly thorough, user-friendly, and informative.

If you are already an NFL fan, fantasy football will take you to another level. You don't pick a team, you pick offensive players and a defense to form a team. If you are a "franchising fan," jump on board too - there is branding (name your team), uniforms, strategic planning each week, trademarks, personnel management, and so much more.

Take a break from the office and get your own NFL franchise! Go Eagles!

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