Monday, March 16, 2015

Dayton Flyers Snubbed - Madness Begins Early!

OK so this is not a franchise topic ... but as many who follow this blog know, I am Dayton Flyer. Our crown jewel is our often-underrated basketball program.

This year, after a sensational season (coverage below), the MAD-HATTERS of the NCAA Selection Committee are making the Flyers "play-in" to the tournament in the First Four games. Did they fall down the rabbit hole? Do we need to drug-test the committee?

Dayton finished 25-8 overall, 13-5 in A-10 (second only to Davidson), came in second in the A-10 Tournament to VCU (who they beat in the only regular season meeting). won ALL home games and did this with one hand tied behind their backs (6 original scholarship players, 7 active players with essentially no back-ups and no one taller than 6'6').

I will not plagiarize Hall of Fame baseball writer Hal McCoy's comments here - but a snippet tells us why Flyers Fans have reason to complain:
[The Committee] put UCLA (20-13) in the tournament. They not only put 13-loss Xavier in the bracket, they gave the Musketeers a No 6 seed. They gave the University of Cincinnati (22-10) a No. 8 seed. (Note: Hal lives in Cincinnati!) They put Texas (20-13) and Indiana (20-13) into the field. They placed Ohio State (23-10) into the tournament. And they gave Virginia Commonwealth, a team Dayton beat on VCU’s court, a No. 7 seed.
So what is up? The only thing Flyers fans can say is that the Committee must be motivated by something other than merit. Money ... for their already outrageously profitable venture? (it is over $1 Billion) Who knows?

Flyers Fans can only hope that the SNUB serves as motivation to the Flyers to run their bracket (Elite 8 last year). Coach Miller was gracious in his comments and we hope that the Flyers team can make us proud - win or lose!

Now that I have that off my chest, another franchise post will be published soon.

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