Thursday, July 7, 2016

Franchise Resources at Your Fingertips

So from a franchise news perspective - or a franchise news perspective that inspires me to write a blog post - it has been a slow summer. Guess we all need a break from the routine ... and slow news gives me more time to focus on clients ... and uh to swim and ride my bike!

Well this may be a good time to blow my own horn while passing on a valuable resource to you.

In addition to this blog, I maintain a website at and at

While this site talks about my background and services, it also provides a Resource Page that you may find helpful.

There are links to most franchise and business opportunity laws, state administrators, legal resources and franchise associations. In addition, there are articles written over the years by yours truly. Feel free to bookmark the page and take advantage of the resources ... and best of all it is FREE!

Enjoy the summer! I'm off for a swim.

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